GF Enchilada Casserole

By Irene

Just like those with IC (ahem..Miranda!) those of us who eat GF run into some major issues when trying to enjoy a good ol' tortilla. Should we risk the "crunchy" knowing that they are commonly more wheat and less corn? Go with those soft corn tortillas that rip when you fill them with anything warm, or just eat something along the lines of a rice-bowl or a taco-flavored salad?

This recipe is my solution to the tortilla conundrum. It's warm, gooey, cheesey and crunchy and will leave you wondering what non-GF eaters are thinking!


2- cans of enchilada sauce
1- can black beans (low sodium is best)
1- can vegetarian refried beans
1- large bag of "fiesta" blend cheese
1- package (you will need about 12) small corn tortillas
1- small package yellow rice (publix brand is the lowest in sodium by far!)

*sour cream for garnish is optional and good!


Cook the yellow rice first. When it's just about done (it can be left a tiny bit underdone) start layering the tortillas into a square baking pan. I put 4 on the bottom, let them slightly overlap and crawl up the edges of the dish for support (all this food will need some support!)

Spread about half the can of refried beans onto the torillas. Add a layer of rice, sprinkle with cheese (if you are me sprinkle means make it rain cheese) and pour on some sauce.

Put down another layer of tortillas. Add the can of black beans. Add cheese. Add another layer of rice (this should be about it for the rice). Add sauce.

Again, tortillas. The rest of the refried beans. Rest of sauce (if you think you're adding too much sauce, you might be right. You don't necessarily need to use both cans, but then again, enchilada sauce is delicious.)

Now for the crunch. Add a top layer of tortillas. Sprinkle (downpour) with chese. Bake on 350 for approx. 35 mins. Enjoy! And forget why anyone would not be GF! Hooray!

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