About the Eat Free Trio!

 The Eat Free Philosophy

We believe that when you eat free of chemicals, gluten, meat, acid, or whatever toxins affect you most, you can still live free of pain and full of satisfaction.

Jaclyn: Vegetarian Weight Management

Jaclyn has been a dedicated vegetarian for about 14 years and has struggled with her weight since dinosaurs roamed the earth.  Through lots of trial and error, Jaclyn finally whittled herself down to a comfortable weight and maintains it with serious exercise, a mostly clean diet, and writing (yes, writing).  Jaclyn's recipes are always 100% vegetarian and are nutritional powerhouses meant to fuel the mind and body for optimum efficiency, just like a robot! No artificial sugar or junky substitutes.  Jaclyn is all about real food and real exercise.  Jaclyn also maintains her own blog at www.jaclynworksitout.wordpress.com

Questions, comments, or suggestions?  Email her at jaclyneatsfree@gmail.com

Miranda: Living Low Acid

Spring water tastes even better when Snoopy is involved!
Miranda is a chronic pain patient who has been working towards recovery for almost three years. Her ailments include Interstitial Cystitis (IC), Fibromyalgia (FMS), and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), all disorders that require patients to be on very specific, restricted diets. After trying countless medications and treatment plans, Miranda eventually changed courses and decided to take a natural approach to healing, which started with healthy eating. She used an elimination diet to build her own regime around the foods that aggravate her symptoms least which helps maintain her general health and well-being. With a focus on low acid, organic, all-natural foods Miranda learned to love food again. She believes that with a healthy serving of patience, a sprinkle of guidance, and a dollop of resilience, other chronic pain patients can learn to enjoy eating again, too!

Email Miranda at mirandaeatsfree@gmail.com with questions, comments, or suggestions. 

Irene: Be Gluten Free!

Irene, being gluten fee.
Irene lives the gluten-free life while also maintaining a low-sodium diet, eating heart healthy and generally avoiding dairy. She loves rich, exotic flavors and unusual foods and has found that being gluten-free has been both a curse and a blessing in the search to find the delicious side of life. Eating restrictions definitely keep many delicacies out of reach but have also fueled her creative side when it comes to new flavors and ingredients. She loves to cook, eat and experiment and is up for any culinary challenge.