Summer Lovin': Grilled Avocado

By Jaclyn

Avocados are one of those awesome-for-you foods that got a bad rap for awhile in the weight-loss/management community because they're high in fat. The thing is, they're high in good fats that your body needs in order to, y'know, function correctly. It's important to keep in mind that eating foods with healthy natural fats helps keep you sated for longer and helps healthy brain function. Aside from all that good fat, avocados contain 20 essential nutrients.

I'll tell you something else about avocados. They're freaking delicious.

This grilled avocado recipe was suggested to me by my professional chef/writer friend Holly, and it is simple, summery, and it makes a great light lunch alongside a bean salad.

Grilled Avocado:
Serves 2

1 California avocado, cut in half
1 tsp olive oil
Kosher salt and cracked black pepper to taste
Lemon juice

For garnish:
Reduced Fat Sour Cream

Brush olive oil and lemon juice on avocado halves and place halves facedown on a grill pan set to medium-high heat. You might want to use a bit of cooking spray on the pan to keep the avocado halves from sticking. Using a spatula, check the halves for grill marks after about two minutes and from there, cook to suit your grill mark preference. I like my marks to be on the darker side, so I kept my avocado half on there for close to five minutes.

Once the grill marks are to your liking, remove from heat and hit the halves with salt and pepper immediately. Garnish with a dollop of reduced fat sour cream (or plain Greek yogurt) and a dollop of fresh salsa.

I had one half of a grilled avocado with a side of red beans mixed with tomato, onion, pineapple, and reduced fat feta cheese.

All was well with the world.


  1. That's ridiculous! So cool. I never thought about grilling them! Thanks for the marvelous idea.

  2. This looks amazing! I've tried this blended grilled mango salsa, that's also something you should check out. It's divine, I totally recommend it.


  3. That sounds amazing, Asya. I'm definitely interested.