My IC Pantry

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By Miranda

As not onl
y an IC patient, but an OCD patient as well, I find comfort in order and certainty. So one of the first things I did when I started to develop my IC diet was to create my own essential IC pantry. These are the spices, extracts, and extras that I use on a daily basis in my cooking. They are the items that I consider so important, that you should never be able to walk into my kitchen and not be able to find them. They have all proven to be safe for my sensitivities (of course, what is safe for one IC patient is not always safe for the next).

I encourage all chronic pain patients to develop their own "essential pantries" filled with the goodies they have found to be safe and that they love to use in their cooking.

My Essential IC Pantry:

Sea salt
Organic sesame seeds
McCormick Perfect Pinch garlic pepper (No MSG)
Simply Organic garlic salt
Simply Organic garlic powder
Simply Organic cumin
All Natural olive oil
Organic sesame oil
Organic canola oil
Olivio butter
Natural sliced almonds
Ian's All Natural panko bread crumbs
Al natural baking soda
Florida Crystals organic brown sugar
Pure cane sugar
Vanilla sugar
Flavorganics vanilla syrup
Simply Organic vanilla extract
Organic almond butter
Local orange blossom honey

It's always hard when you first go on the IC diet and have to throw away pretty much everything in your pantry. That's why I decided to make a fun sort of game out of developing a whole new, healthy, all-natural pantry that is customized just for me! Finding the right items takes time and patience, but in the end, it's a great feeling to look in your closet and see a bunch of products that you can eat, feel good about, and watch the selection grow over time.

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