Tea Time!

I've been taking pictures of my favorite GF bread-products lately, and was ready to compile the photos with some reviews (don't worry, this will come soon), when I was suddenly overtaken by the harvest spirit. This is my first autumn living GF, and over the past few days I've noticed a trend: everything smells like cinnamon-y baked goods that I know I can't have! The obvious answer to this temptation was to find a great GF cake or scone, but walking down the aisles of the grocery store, a different idea came to me.

Sometimes I find myself in the mood to bake an entire GF cake for myself while others eat handier sweets, but today wasn't one of those days. Today I didn't want to use 400 ingredients and spend $50 on something not so healthy, so I opted for something simper-- fall-time tea.

If you're in the mood for something sweet, nutty and spicy, a great cup of tea can be an instant fix. It's a healthier, more afforable option that can satisfy a flavor craving without the gluten or the hassle. I suggest looking for black teas that can be mixed with milk ( I use almond ) and honey.

Tonight I enjoyed a caramel-vanilla black tea with vanilla flavored almond milk and some delicious local honey harvested in the fall**. Honestly, I wouldn't have traded my yummy, steamy treat for any old cinnamon bun, GF or not!

Sometimes it's fun to come up with exact replicas of treats made with GF ingredients, but finding a simpler, healthier solution can also be just as much of a treat!

**As a note, the honey I mentioned is a sampler of local honey harvested in each of the four seasons. Each has a unique taste and appearance and it's fun to use them seasonally. Eat the honey from the season coming up and protect yourself from seasonal allergies. Mine was given to me by my dad from a local farmer's market, but local honey can easily be found with a little bit of research.

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