Low Acid Berry Smoothie!

By Miranda

It's getting hot again, so it's smoothie time!


3/4 cup of frozen organic blueberries

1/4 cup of frozen organic raspberries and/or blackberries (if tolerated, otherwise just use 1 whole cup of blueberries)

1 cup organic almond milk

1/4 cup of “Just Blueberry” juice (I used R.W. Knudsen brand because it’s natural and unsweetened. It’s in the Greenwise section at Publix and I’ve also seen it at health food stores)

1 scoop of organic vanilla frozen yogurt (I used Stonyfield brand)

1 tbsp organic honey (bought at a local health food store)

First, pour the almond milk and blueberry juice in the blender, then add the frozen berries and yogurt. After it is all well blended, add the honey and mix again. Enjoy!

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